By combining conventional and new technologies, Grewal Agri Farms is delivering solutions to help meet the needs of a growing population whose demand for agricultural crops and products continues to increase. We know the importance of maximizing farmland productivity and sustainability for today and tomorrow. Grewal Agri Farms is committed to fulfill our client's requirements by supplying high quality agriculture products and agronomic knowledge that maximizes client's business with the right concept. We are also working on new agricultural crops and using new technologies to help our farmers the greatest value of their work and ultimately benefit the entire food and energy value chain.

Our supply of good quality disease free potatoes, paddy rice and other agricultural commodities are widely appreciated by our clients in India and abroad. Our various elements of management like packaging, labeling etc is also our prior services to our content customers.

Storing and Delivering

Grewal Agri Farms provides storing and delivering services of agriculture commodities. We store client's agri products and deliver where they need and when they need it. We have hygienically conditioned store rooms for storing agri products of different types and vehicals like tractors, trucks to transport the products at clients suggested site. In Grewal Agri Farms Safety is considered to be as the first priority. We have staff which is trained in all aspects of storing and safety.