Agro technology

A cultivator is a farm equipment for stirring and pulverizing the soil, before planting.
This is used to remove weed and to aerate and loose the soil, so that the crops began to grow. We use highly efficient cultivators that are manufactured with best grade of raw material using sophisticated and advanced technologies.
Heavy duty jute bags/sacks are very much popular for packaging agriculture commodities.
We use Jute bags mainly for storing and transporting our agricultural products. These are particularly sturdy sacks which allow the product stored inside them to "breathe" and because of their soft surface they don’t injure their content.
Today, Punjab leads the way among India’s states in bringing safe water.
Our Redesign and construction of watercourse eliminate unnecessary twists & turns and Installation of small concrete division boxes and turnout structures provide better water control and reduce water losses.

Quality standards


Seed Health test

Here we examine the seeds for the presence of pathogenic spores . Seeds carrying such spores, externally or internally, not meeting the prescribed standards, are rejected.


Final Products Quality Test

Before the final product is delivered to the client the material is made to pass through rigours of quality checks at various stages.


Experienced Field Supervisors

The group of experienced field supervisors monitor and support the quality control and protect crops in farm from insect, pest and diseases.

We are committed to improve our processes and capabilities on continual improvement basis and thus give our clients complete satisfaction by providing of best in product quality, delivery and prices.